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        Zhejiang Chaojie Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the provincial Development Zone the Longyou Industrial Park, the company covers an area of 160 mu, building area of 5, 000 square meters. Company after more than 10 years of rapid development, the size of the company continued to enhance the size and strength, has become a leader in the industry. By the original foreign trade mainly in cleaning supplies production enterprises successful transition to cleaning supplies, heat preservation utensils in foreign trade run, a private enterprise. Has successfully created a high level of enterprise management team, the company has professional R & D team and advanced technology research and development, independent production and management good God drag, Antarctic treasure two independent brands, the magic mop, mop has mold development, injection molding, sponge foam, water assembly and nine advanced assembly line production process and manufacturing equipment, in recent years have been developed (PVA) collodion mop series, flat trailer series, mop suit and ultra magic mop, etc. a series of practical strong, with the market competitiveness of products.
At the same time, the Antarctic treasure insulation cup apparatus has a number of advanced production lines, equipped with complete mold manufacturing, automatic welding, vacuum pumping, polishing, painting, silk screen, thermal transfer, laser marking process production workshop
And are equipped with perfect automatic electrolytic process line and the insulation glassware production line, the products have been exported to abroad and at home and in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, has won the praise of users of the trust and customer, and many times at home and abroad obtained many honors and awards. Cleaning supplies of existing gift set, collodion drag, Pinto, window wiper, good God drag 5 series; thermal insulation utensil with bullet, sport pot, doll maker, commerce cup, office cup, the President Cup, travel pot, wide mouth pot, coffee pot and glass products.
         Company based in opening up the domestic market at the same time, continue to international standards of dress, increase of new varieties, the adjustment of product structure, open up the hot new consumer products, and actively build cleaning supplies and insulation Cup appliance brand and work hard.
        Company by dint of enterprising, deliberately innovation, and strive to scientific management of faith; always firmly believe that science and technology as a driving force, to the quality strives for the survival of the business philosophy; adhere to the people-oriented, customer first in market competition to seek business development and project development the appropriate way, by products and services to enhance enterprise's market competitiveness;
Meet customer is ultra honor, the pursuit of perfection is the pride of the ultra; continuous improvement is the ultra permanent vitality. We insist on taking over the quality, quality service to our new and old customers. Super people will be sent to as the spirit of "pragmatic, enterprising, innovative" spirit. Really feel deeply super for you to create a comfortable life. For more than ten years, the company with the spirit of the active and enterprising spirit and the broad masses of customers to support, carefully strict management, and constantly develop and grow. Now has advanced, complete production equipment and reasonable organizational structure; training quality staff, professional R & D, sales team, rich product line highlights the company's comprehensive strength. Welcome new and old customers to seek common development, and strive to build a super juchuang Albert, excellent brand group.
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